UCAmI Conference Program

Room: Puerto Octay Hall

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Wednesday, December 2nd

9:15-9:30Opening - chaired by José Bravo and Sergio Ochoa. Room: Puerto Octay Hall.
9:30-11:00Keynote: "Towards Personalized Persuasive Technologies for Behaviour Change". Julita Vassileva. Chair: Sergio Ochoa. Room: Puerto Octay Hall.
11:00-11:30Coffee Break
11:30-13:30Adding intelligence for environment adaptation 1. Chair: Xavier Alaman
11:30-11:50"Generation of a Partitioned Dataset with Single, Interleave and Multioccupancy Daily Living Activities". Francisco Javier Quesada, Francisco Moya, Luis Martínez, Chris Nugent and Macarena Espinilla
11:50-12:10"A Mobile Application as an Unobtrusive Tool for Behavioural Mapping in Public Spaces". Alfonso Bahillo, Barbara Golicnik Marusic and Asier Perallos
12:10-12:30"Thought and Life Logging: A Pilot Study". Netzahualcóyotl Hernández, Gokhan Remzi Yavuz, Rasit Mete Esrefoglu, Tarik Berkant Kepez, Abdulmecit Ozdemir, Burcu Demiray, Hasan Faik Alan, Cem Ersoy, Sarah Untersander and Bert Arnrich
12:30-12:50"A Top-Down Design Approach for an Automated Testing Framework". Abel Méndez, Mario Nieto Hidalgo, Juan Manuel Garcia-Chamizo, Marcelo Jenkins and Alexandra Martínez
12:50-13:10"Parameter optimization for online change detection using Multivariate Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (MEWMA)". Naveed Khan, Sally McClean, Shuai Zhang and Chris Nugent
13:10-13:30"MagicFinger: A New Approach to Indoor Location". Daniel Carrillo, Victoria Moreno and Antonio F. Skarmeta
15:00-17:00Ambient intelligence for transport. Chair: Diego López-De-Ipiña
15:00-15:20"Surveillance system for isolated public road transport infrastructures". Carmelo R. García, Alexis Quesada-Arencibia, Teresa Cristóbal, Gabino Padrón and Francisco Alayón
15:20-15:40"ITS Architecture for provision of advanced information services for public transport by road". Carmelo R. García, Alexis Quesada-Arencibia, Teresa Cristóbal, Gabino Padrón and Francisco Alayón
15:40-16:00"Low-Cost Service to Predict and Manage Indoor Parking Spaces". Cándido Caballero-Gil, Jezabel Molina-Gil and Pino Caballero-Gil
16:00-16:20"Detection and Report of Traffic Lights Violation using Sensors and Smartphones". Francisco Martin-Fernandez, Pino Caballero-Gil and Cándido Caballero-Gil
16:20-16:40"Detecting Aggressive Driving Behavior with the ┬áDriving Habits System". Miguel Angel Ylizaliturri-Salcedo, Monica Tentori and J. Antonio García-Macías
16:40-17:00"A MAC protocol for Underwater Sensors Networks". Rodrigo Santos, Javier Orozco, Sergio Ochoa, Roc Meseguer and Gabriel Eggly
17:00-17:30Coffee Break
17:30-19:00Adding intelligence for environment adaptation 2. Chair: Antonio Gómez Skarmeta
17:30-17:50"Adapting a Bandwidth-Efficient Information Dissemination Scheme for Urban VANETs". Estrella Garcia-Lozano, Celeste Campo, Carlos Garcia Rubio and Alicia Rodriguez-Carrion
17:50-18:00"Supporting Smart Community Decision Making for Self-Governance with Multiple Views". Gustavo Zurita, Nelson Baloian and Jose A. Pino
18:00-18:20"A Data Analytics Schema for Activity Recognition in Smart Home Environments". Giancarlo Fortino, Andrea Giordano, Antonio Guerrieri, Giandomenico Spezzano and Andrea Vinci
18:20-18:40"Teaching a Virtual Robot to Perform Tasks by Learning from Observation". Cristina Tirnauca, Jose Luis Montaña, Carlos Ortiz-Sobremazas, Santiago Ontañón and Avelino González
18:40-19:00"Facing up social activity recognition using smartphone sensors". Pablo Curiel, Ivan Pretel and Ana B. Lago

Thursday, December 3rd

8:30-11:00Human interaction and ambient intelligence. Chair: Carmelo R. García
8:30-8:50"Building Personalized Activity Recognition Models with Scarce Labeled Data based on Class Similarities". Enrique Garcia-Ceja and Ramon F. Brena
8:50-9:10"Sign Language Recognition Using Leap Motion A Support Vector Machine Approach". Luis Quesada, Gustavo Lopez and Luis Guerrero
9:10-9:30"Sketching Stereo 3D GUIs with HTML5 Canvas". Diego Gonzalez, Toni Granollers and Jordi Carrabina
9:30-9:50"An Alternative to W3C Task Model for Post-WIMP". Miguel A. Teruel, Arturo C. Rodríguez, Francisco Montero, Elena Navarro, Víctor López-Jaquero and Pascual Gonzalez
9:50-10:10"Virtual Touch FlyStick and PrimBox: two case studies of mixed reality for teaching geometry". Andres Ayala, Graciela Guerrero, Juan Mateu, Laura Casades and Xavier Alaman
10:10-10:30"User Interfaces for Self-reporting Emotions: a Systematic Literature Review". Carolina Fuentes, Carmen Gerea, Valeria Herskovic, Maíra Marques, Iyubanit Rodriguez and Pedro O. Rossel
10:30-10:50"LaGeR Workbench: A Language and Framework for the Representation and Implementation of Device-Agnostic Gestural Interactions in 2D and 3D". Erick Mata-Montero and Andrés Odio-Vivi
11:00-11:30Coffee Break
12:00-13:30Keynote: "Design, development and evaluation of mobile based reminding technologies". Chris Nugent. Chair: Jose Bravo. Room: Puerto Octay Hall.
15:00-17:00Adding intelligence for environment adaptation 3. Chair: Macarena Espinilla
15:00-15:10"URbox: An experimentation tool for creating event-driven recommender algorithms". Edmundo P. Leiva-Lobos and Michael Palomino
15:10-15:20"Cooperative Decision-making ITS Architecture based on Distributed RSUs". Asier Moreno, Enrique Onieva, Asier Perallos, Giovanni Iovino and Pablo Fernandez
15:20-15:30"Building smart adaptable cyber-physical systems: definitions, classification and elements". Borja Bordel Sánchez, Ramón Alcarria, Marina Pérez-Jiménez, Tomás Robles, Diego Martín and Diego Sánchez de Rivera
15:30-15:50"Comparative Analysis of Artificial Hydrocarbon Networks and Data-driven Approaches for Human Activity Recognition". Hiram Ponce, María De Lourdes Martínez-Villaseñor and Luis Miralles-Pechúan
15:50-16:10"Activity Recognition in Intelligent Assistive Environments through Video Analysis with Body-Angles Algorithm". Carlos Gutiérrez López de La Franca, Ramón Hervás Lucas and Jose Bravo
16:10-16:30"Autonomous Evaluation of Interaction Resource Adequateness for Ambient Intelligence Scenarios". Gervasio Varela, Alejandro Paz-Lopez, Jose A. Becerra and Richard J. Duro
16:30-16:40"Detection of the student creative behavior based on diversity of queries". Cristian Olivares-Rodríguez and Mariluz Guenaga
16:40-17:00"Collaboration-centred Cities through Urban Apps based on Open and User-generated Data". Diego López-De-Ipiña, Unai Aguilera and Jorge Perez Velasco
17:00-17:30Coffee Break
20:15-23:30Gala Dinner: Bordelago restaurant in Ensenada (near Puerto Varas)

Friday, December 4th

8:30-11:00ICT instrumentation and middleware support for smart environments and objects. Chair: Jordi Carrabina
8:30-8:50"An evaluation of two distributed deployment algorithms for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks". Cristina Urdiales, Francisco Sandoval and Francisco Aguilera
8:50-9:10"SELICA: Advanced sensor identification system for secure and sustainable food chain management". Unai Hernandez-Jayo, Janire Larrañaga, Nekane Sainz and Juan José Echevarria
9:10-9:20"Mobile Phone Sensing: Current Trends and Challenges". Ivan Felix, Luis Castro, Luis-Felipe Rodriguez and Erica Ruiz
9:20-9:40"A lightweight distributed architecture to integrate fuzzy relevant objects in real-time environments". Javier Medina Quero, Francisco Javier Quesada and Macarena Espinilla
9:40-9:50"Smart sensor design for power signal processing". Francisco-Javier Ferrandez-Pastor, Higinio Mora-Mora, Jose-Luis Sanchez-Romero and Mario Nieto Hidalgo
9:50-10:10"An Adaptive Scheme To Improve Discovery Performance of Bluetooth Low Energy Networks". Wooseong Cho, Keuchul Cho, Changsu Jung, Jinbae Kim, Yongtak Yoon and Kijun Han
10:10-10:20"Monitoring and control of atmospheric and substrate parameters for vegetable crops". Francisco-Javier Ferrandez-Pastor, Juan Manuel Garcia-Chamizo, Alejandro Rico-Beviá and German-Aurelio Seguí-Miralles
10:20-10:40"An integrated framework for enabling end-user configuration of AmI simulations for open wide locations". Ramón Alcarria, Emilio Serrano, Jorge Gómez Sanz and Alberto Fernández
11:00-11:30Coffee Break
13:45-14:00Closing - chaired by Juan Manuel Garcia-Chamizo, Ian Cleland, Ramón Hervás and Vladimir Villareal
15:15-21:00Social Event: Osorno volcano Tour