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Room: Frutillar Hall

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Wednesday, December 2nd

9:15-9:30Opening - chaired by José Bravo and Sergio Ochoa. Room: Puerto Octay Hall.
9:30-11:00Keynote: "Towards Personalized Persuasive Technologies for Behaviour Change". Julita Vassileva. Chair: Sergio Ochoa. Room: Puerto Octay Hall.
11:00-11:30Coffee Break
11:30-13:30AAL for home remote rehabilitation. Chair: Diego Gachet
11:30-11:40"An Android TeleCare prototype for a real old people’s home: a case study". Fáber Danilo Giraldo Velásquez, Yonathan Pineda and Santiago Granada
11:40-11:50"A Method to Develop Interactive Environments to support Occupational Therapies". Héctor Cardona Reyes, Jaime Muñoz-Arteaga, Juan Manuel González Calleros and Francisco Acosta Escalante
11:50-12:00"Initial evaluation of a collaborative game for motor rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation of the elderly". Gilberto Borrego, Alberto L. Morán, Arturo Jesús Laflor, Victoria Meza, Eloisa García, Felipe Orihuela-Espina and Luis Enrique Sucar
12:00-12:20"Troyoculus: An Augmented Reality System to Improve Reading Capabilities of Night-Blind People". Adrián Fernández, Paul Fernandez, Gustavo Lopez, Marta Calderón and Luis A. Guerrero
12:20-12:40"Contextualizing Tasks in Tele-Rehabilitation Systems for Older People". Arturo C. Rodríguez, Cristina Roda, Pascual González and Elena Navarro
12:40-13:00"Supporting the Design of an Ambient Assisted Living System Using Virtual Reality Prototypes". Josí Creissac Campos, Josí Luís Silva and Michael Harrison
13:00-13:20"A Gestured-Based Interaction Approach for Manipulating Augmented Objects Using Leap Motion". Gustavo Lopez, Luis Quesada and Luis Guerrero
15:00-17:00AAL environments. Chair: Mónica Tentori
15:00-15:20"A mechanism for nominating video clips to provide assistance for instrunmental activities of daily living". Joseph Rafferty, Chris Nugent, Jun Liu and Liming Luke Chen
15:20-15:40"Improving the Portability of Ambient Intelligence Systems". Gervasio Varela, Alejandro Paz-Lopez, Jose A. Becerra and Richard J. Duro
15:40-16:00"Promoting healthy nutrition behavior using mobile devices and ubiquitous computing". Felipe Besoain, Antoni Perez-Navarro, Felipe Ojeda and José Antonio Reyes-Suarez
16:00-16:20"Combining Technical and User Requirement Analysis to Support Wellbeing at the Workplace". Anna Wanka, Sophie Psihoda, Rainer Planinc and Martin Kampel
16:20-16:40"Towards Resilient Services in the Home: A Home Service Platform with Support for Conflict Resolution". Marios Sioutis, Kiyofumi Tanaka, Yuuto Lim and Yasuo Tan
16:40-17:00"Introducing Ambient Assisted Living Technology at the Home of the Elderly: Challenges and Lessons Learned". Diego Muñoz, Francisco J. Gutierrez and Sergio F. Ochoa
17:00-17:30Coffee Break
17:30-18:40Behaviour analysis and activity recognition. Chair: Jesus Favela
17:30-17:40"An approach for agitation detection and intervention in sufferers of autism spectrum disorder". Joseph Rafferty, Jonathan Synnott and Chris Nugent
17:40-17:50"Influence of Seasons on Human Behavior in Smart Environments". Fabien Barthelot, Marc Le Goc and Eric Pascual
17:50-18:00"On the Development of A Real-Time Multi-Sensor Behavior Recognition System". Oresti Banos, Miguel Damas, Luis Herrera, Alberto Guillen, Hector Pomares, Ignacio Rojas, Claudia Villalonga and Sungyoung Lee
18:00-18:20"High-Level Context Inference for Human Behavior Identification". Claudia Villalonga, Oresti Banos, Wajahat Ali Khan, Taqdir Ali, Muhammad Asif Razzaq, Sungyoung Lee, Hector Pomares and Ignacio Rojas
18:20-18:40"The HELICOPTER project: a heterogenous sensor network suitable for behavioral analysis". Claudio Guerra, Valentina Bianchi, Ferdinando Grossi, Niccolo Mora, Agostino Losardo, Guido Matrella, Ilaria De Munari and Paolo Ciampolini

Thursday, December 3rd

8:30-9:50Sensing for health and wellbeing. Chair: Eduardo Morales Manzanares
8:30-8:50"Fall Risk Assessment and Prevention using Wearables". Asbjørn Danielsen, Bernt Arild Bremdal and Olofsen Hans
8:50-9:10"Big Data Processing Using Wearable Devices for Wellbeing and Healthy Activities Promotion". Diego Gachet, Manuel de Buenaga, Enrique Puertas, María Teresa Villalba and Rafael Muñoz
9:10-9:30"A dual approach for quantitative gait analysis based on vision and wearable pressure systems". Iván González, Mario Nieto-Hidalgo, Jerónimo Mora, Juan Manuel García-Chamizo and José Bravo
9:30-9:50"Mobile Monitoring Review: Comparative with MoMo Framework Solution". Vladimir Villarreal, Ramon Hervas and José Bravo
9:50-11:20Human interaction and perspectives in AAL solutions. Chair: Alberto L. Morán
9:50-10:00"Do technology-related stimuli affect age estimation?". Rodrigo Juarez, Jesus Favela and Victor Gonzalez
10:00-10:20"Characterizing Ubiquitous Systems Privacy Issues by Gender and Age". Gustavo Lopez, Gabriela Marín and Marta Calderón
10:20-10:40"Experimentation on Emotion Regulation With Single-Colored Images". Marina V. Sokolova, Antonio Fernández-Caballero, Laura Ros, Luz Fernández-Aguilar and José Miguel Latorre
10:40-11:00"LED Strips for Color- and Illumination-Based Emotion Regulation at Home". Vicente Ortiz-García-Cervigón, Marina V. Sokolova, Rosa María García-Muñoz and Antonio Fernández-Caballero
11:00-11:20"Landmark-based Histograms of Oriented Gradients for Facial Emotion Recognition". Pablo Guerrero, Matías Pavez, Diego Chávez and Sergio Ochoa
11:00-11:30Coffee Break
12:00-13:30Keynote: "Design, development and evaluation of mobile based reminding technologies". Chris Nugent. Chair: Jose Bravo. Room: Puerto Octay Hall.
20:15-23:30Gala Dinner: Bordelago restaurant in Ensenada (near Puerto Varas)