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Room: Frutillar Hall

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Thursday, December 3rd

11:00-11:30Coffee Break
12:00-13:30Keynote: "Design, development and evaluation of mobile based reminding technologies". Chris Nugent. Chair: Jose Bravo. Room: Puerto Octay Hall.
15:00-17:00Interactions within the AmIHealth environments 1. Chair: Valeria Herskovic
15:00-15:20"Arm muscular effort estimation from images using Computer Vision and Machine Learning". Leandro Abraham, Facundo Bromberg and Raymundo Forradellas
15:20-15:40"Ubiquitous and Ambient Assisted Living eHealth Platforms for the Republic of Panama :Two Cases Of Study". Juan Saldaña, Miguel Vargas Lombardo, Luis Mendoza and Edgardo Pitti
15:40-15:50"Making the Physical Therapy Entertaining - An Application Based on Wearable Technology and Mobile Games". Andrea Torres, Gustavo Lopez and Luis Guerrero
15:50-16:10"Vision based extraction of dynamic gait features focused on feet movement using RGB camera". Mario Nieto-Hidalgo, Francisco Javier Ferrandez Pastor, Rafael J. Valdivieso-Sarabia, Jerónimo Mora-Pascual and Juan Manuel García-Chamizo
16:10-16:30"Reflections from a long-term deployment study to design novel interactive surfaces for children with autism". Franceli Linney Cibrian Robles, Deysi Ortega, Lizbeth Escobedo and Monica Tentori
16:30-16:50"Low complexity neural networks to classify EEG records of emotional stimuli". Adrian Rodriguez and Miguel Lopez
"Relaxed care the entirely new way of communicating and careing". Martin Morandell
16:50-17:00"ReApp – A Mobile App for the Rehabilitation of Ankle Sprains". Jonathan Synnott, Katy Pedlow, Chris Bleakley, Richard Davies, Chris Nugent, José Antonio Moral-Muñoz, Adele Boyd, Joseph Rafferty and Suzanne McDonough
17:00-17:30Coffee Break
17:30-19:30Interactions within the AmIHealth environments 2. Chair: Gabriel Urzaiz
17:30-17:40"A sensorized and health aspect-based framework to improve the continuous monitoring on diseases using smartphones and smart devices". Jesus Fontecha, Ramon Hervas and Jose Bravo
17:40-18:00"EmoBall: a study on a tangible interface to self-report emotional information considering digital competences". Carolina Fuentes, Iyubanit Rodríguez and Valeria Herskovic
18:00-18:20"Can Videogames improve Executive Functioning? A research based on computational neurosciences". Tania Mondejar, Ramon Hervas, Jesus Fontecha, Carlos Gutierrez, Esperanza Johnson, Iván González Díaz and Jose Bravo
18:20-18:40"Arousal Level Classification in the Ageing Adult by Measuring Electrodermal Skin Conductivity". Arturo Martínez-Rodrigo, Roberto Zangróniz, José Manuel Pastor and Antonio Fernández-Caballero
18:40-19:00"Stress Modelling Using Transfer Learning in Presence of Scarce Data".Pablo Hernandez-Leal, Alban Maxhuni, L. Enrique Sucar, Venet Osmani, Eduardo Morales Manzanares and Oscar Mayora
19:00-19:10"Improving Social Communication Disorders through Human-Avatar Interaction".Esperanza Johnson, Ramon Hervas, Tania Mondejar, Jose Bravo and Sergio Ochoa
19:10-19:30"Processing EEG Signals Towards the Construction of a User Experience Assessment Method".Ivan Carrillo, Victoria Meza-Kubo, Alberto L. Morán, Gilberto Galindo and Eloisa García-Canseco
20:15-23:30Gala Dinner: Bordelago restaurant in Ensenada (near Puerto Varas)

Friday, December 4th

9:00-11:00Applied algorithms, applications and case studies in AmIHealth. Chair: L. Enrique Sucar
9:00-9:20"Real-time Decision Support using Data Mining to predict Blood Pressure Critical Events in Intensive Medicine Patients". Filipe Portela, Manuel Filipe Santos, Antonio Abelha, José Machado, Fernando Rua Martins and Álvaro Silva
9:20-9:30"A Real-Time Intelligent System for tracking patient condition". Filipe Portela, Sergio Oliveira, Manuel Filipe Santos, Antonio Abelha and José Machado
9:30-9:50"Detecting State Anxiety when Caring for People with Dementia". Darien Miranda, Jesus Favela and Catalina Ibarra
9:50-10:00"Mass Segmentation in Digital Mammograms". María Victoria Carreras-Cruz, María De Lourdes Martínez-Villaseñor and Kevin Nataniel Rosas-Pérez
10:00-10:10"Comparison of a vision-based system and a wearable inertial-based system for a quantitative analysis and calculation of spatio-temporal parameters". Irvin Hussein López-Nava, Iván González Díaz, Angélica Muñoz-Meléndez and Jose Bravo
10:10-10:30"A methodology for the creation of integrated service networks in outpatient internal medicine". Miguel Angel Ortiz Barrios, Juan Pablo Escorcia Caballero and Fabián Sánchez Sánchez
10:30-10:40"NI-CHIC: A Model for Academic Engagement with Industry". Jonathan Synnott, Stephen McComb, Chris Nugent and James McLaughlin
10:40-11:00"Web Application for Doctor-Patient Communication in the Treatment of Mental Disorders". Enrique Pérez-Brito, Alexis Quesada-Arencibia, Carmelo García and Ana Pérez-Brito
11:00-11:30Coffee Break
11:30-13:40Technologies for implementing AmIHealth environments. Chair: María De Lourdes Martínez-Villaseñor
11:30-11:40"Simulation results of a model to provide consistent functionality and performance in a healthy smart city". Gabriel Urzaiz, Eric Murillo-Rodriguez, Jaime Zaldivar-Rae, Ramon Hervas, Jesus Fontecha and Jose Bravo
11:40-12:00"Reduction of average lead time in Outpatient service of Obstetrics through Six Sigma methodology". Miguel Angel Ortiz Barrios and Heriberto Alexander Felizzola Jiménez
12:00-12:20"Real-Time Recognition of Arm Motion using Artificial Neural Network Multi-Perceptron with Arduino One MicroController and EKG/EMG Shield Sensor". Luis Alberto Caro Saldivia, Camilo Silva Silva, Sergio Barrientos Ochoa, Billy Mark Peralta Marquez and Oriel Herrera Gamboa
12:20-12:40"Fully-Wireless Sensor Insole as Non-invasive Tool for Collecting Gait Data and Analyzing Fall Risk". Guillermo Talavera, Joan Garcia, John Rösevall, Cristina Rusu, Carlos Carenas, Fanny Breuil, Elisenda Reixach, Holger Arndt, Stefan Burkard, Richie Harte, Liam Glynn and Jordi Carrabina
12:40-13:00"A Mobile Cloud Shared Workspace to Support Homecare for Respiratory Diseases in Chile". Andrés Neyem, Nicolás Risso, Marie Carillo, Angélica Farías and Macarena Gajardo
13:00-13:20"Extracting Information from Electronic Medical Records to Identify Obesity status of a patient based on Comorbidities and Bodyweight Measures". Rosa Figueroa and Christopher Flores
13:20-13:40"Daily activity monitoring for prevention of pressure ulcers in long-term wheelchair users". Diego Arias, Esteban Pino, Pablo Aqueveque and Dorothy Curtis
13:45-14:00Closing - chaired by Juan Manuel Garcia-Chamizo, Ian Cleland, Ramón Hervás and Vladimir Villareal. Room: Puerto Octay Hall.
15:15-21:00Social Event: Osorno Volcano Tour