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Wednesday, November 30th

9:00-11:00Human-Computer Interaction 1.     Chair: Jesús Favela
9:00-9:20"From Paper to Play - Design and Validation of a Smartphone Based Cognitive Fatigue Assessment Application". Edward Price, George Moore, Leo Galway and Mark Linden
9:20-9:40"Supporting User Awareness Using Smart Device-based Notifications". Gustavo López and Luis A. Guerrero
9:40-10:00"Sensing Affective States using Facial Expression Analysis". Anas Samara, Leo Galway, Raymond Bond and Hui Wang
10:00:10:20"Alternative Reality: An Augmented Daily Urban World Inserting Virtual Scenes Temporally". Fumiko Ishizawa and Tatsuo Nakajima
10:20-10:30"Designing an End-User Augmented Reality Editor for Cultural Practitioners". Marco Romano, Ignacio Aedo and Paloma Díaz
10:30-10:50"Towards Smart Notifications - An Adaptive Approach using Smart Devices". Gustavo López, Marcelo Guzman, Gabriela Marin and Luis A. Guerrero
10:50-11:00"Easing Students' Participation in Class with Hand Gesture Interfaces". Orlando Erazo, Nelson Baloian, José A. Pino and Gustavo Zurita
11:00-11:30Coffee Break
11:30-12:00Opening- chaired by José Bravo. Cine Faro Room
12:00-13:30Keynote:"Enhancing City-scale Decision Support Processes with Situational Awareness and Computational Intelligence." Vicenzo Loia. Cine Faro Room
13:45-15:00Lunch. Atlántico Restaurant
15:00-17:00Human-Computer Interaction 2.    Chair: Jesús Favela
15:00-15:20"Methods to observe and evaluate interactions with everyday context-aware objects". Manuel Portela and Carlos Granell-Canut
15:20-15:30"Sign Language Recognition Model Combining Non-Manual Markers and Handshapes". Luis Quesada, Gabriela Marin and Luis A. Guerrero
15:30-15:50"Automatic Generation of User Interaction Models". Cristina Tirnauca, Rafael Duque and Jose Luis Montaña
15:50-16:10"Examining the Usability of Touch Screen Gestures for Elderly People". Doris Caliz, Xavier Alaman, Loic Martínez, Richart Cáliz, Carlos Terán and Verónica Peñafiel
16:10-16:20"A Proposal for using Virtual Worlds for the Integration". María J. Lasala, Xavier Alaman and Miguel Gea
16:20-16:40"Designing the Human in the Loop of Self-Adaptive Systems". Miriam Gil, Vicente Pelechano, Joan Fons and Manoli Albert
16:40-17:00"Exploring the Benefits of Immersive End User Development for Virtual Reality". Telmo Zarraonandia, Paloma Díaz, Alvaro Montero and Ignacio Aedo
17:00-17:30Coffee Break
17:30-19:30Human-Computer Interaction 3.     Chair: Jesús Favela
17:30-17:40"An assisted navigation method for telepresence robots". Francisco Meléndez-Férnandez, Cipriano Galindo and Javier González-Jiménez
17:40-18:00"A Sensor-driven Framework for Rapid Prototyping of Mobile Applications using a Context-Aware Approach". Borja Gamecho, Luis Gardeazabal and Julio Abascal
18:00-18:10"Risk elicitation for user-generated content in situated interaction". Pedro Coutinho and Rui José
18:10-18:30"GoodVybesConnect: A Real-Time Haptic Enhanced Tele-rehabilitation System for Massage Therapy". Cristina Ramírez-Fernández, Eloisa Garcia-Canseco, Alberto L. Morán, Oliver Pabloff, David Bonilla, Nirvana Green and Victoria Meza-Kubo
18:30-18:50"Objective Learnabillity Estimation of Software Systems". Alexey Chistyakov, María T. Solo-Sanfiel, Enric Martí,Takeo Igarashi and Jordi Carrabina
18:50-19:10"Using Smart TV Applications for Providing Interactive Ambient Assisted Living Services to Older Adults". José M. Tapia, Francisco J. Gutierrez and Sergio F. Ochoa
19:10-19:30"Analyzing Human-Avatar Interaction with neurotypical and not neurotypical users". Esperanza Johnson, Carlos Gutiérrez López de la Franca, Ramón Hervás, Tania Mondejar and José Bravo

Thursday, December 1st

8:30-9:00Human-Computer Interaction 3.     Chair: Jesús Favela
8:30-8:40"Evaluation of a Usability Testing Guide for Mobile Applications Focused on People with Down Syndrome (USATESTDOWN)". Doris Caliz, Javier Gómez, Xavier Alaman, Loïc Martínez, Richart Cáliz and Carlos Terán
8:40-9:00"Findings About Selecting Body Parts to Analyze Human Activities Through Skeletal Tracking Joint Oriented Devices". Carlos Gutiérrez López de la Franca, Ramón Hervás, Esperanza Johnsosn and José Bravo
12:00-13:30Keynote:"Living in real and virtual worlds" . Xavier Alaman. Cine Faro Room  
13:45-15:00Lunch. Atlántico Restaurant
20:45-23:30Gala Dinner. El Portico Restaurant