Ad-hoc and Sensors Networks Conference Program

Maspalomas nº 4 Room

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Thursday, December 1st

9:00-11:30Ad-hoc and Sensors Networks 1.      Chair: Jezabel Molina and Mike Burmester
9:00-9:10"Have you also seen that? Collaborative alert assessment in ad hoc participatory sensing". Fátima Castro-Jul, Rebeca P. Díaz-Redondo and Ana Fernández-Vilas
9:10-9:20"ZigBee Home Automation Localization System". Hector Rillo, Alvaro Marco, Rubén Blasco and Roberto Casas
9:20-9:30"Enhancing smart environments with mobile robots". Francisco A. Moreno, Cipriano Galindo and Javier González-Fernández
9:30-9:40"Reliable Publish/Subscribe in Dynamic Ubiquitous Systems". Ugaitz Amozarrain and Mikel Larrea
9:40-10:00"Scheduling Real-Time Traffic in Underwater Acoustic Wireless Sensor Networks". Rodrigo Santos, Javier Orozco, Matías Micheletto, Sergio F. Ochoa, Roc Meseguer, Pere Millan and Carlos Molina
10:00-10:20"UAV-based Rescue System for Emergency Situations". Moisés Lodeiro-Santiago, Iván Santos-González and Pino Caballero-Gil
10:20-10:40"A network perfomance analysis of LoRa modulation for LPWAN sensor devices". Carlos A. Trasviña-Moreno, Rubén Blasco, Roberto Casas and Angel Asensio
10:40-11:00"Electronagnetic multi-frequency model and differential measuring in remote sensing applications". Francisco J. Fernández-Pastor, Juan M. García-Chamizo and Mario Nieto-Hidalgo
11:00-11:20"Fine-tunning the DARP wireless sensor routing protocol". Francisco J. Estévez, Jesús González, Peter Glöesekoetter and Ignacio Rojas
11:20-11:30"Lightweight Multivariate Sensing in WSNs". João Marco C. Silva, Paulo Carvalho, Kalil Araujo Bispo and Solange Rito
11:30-12:00Coffee Break
12:00-13:30Keynote:"Living in real and virtual worlds". Xavier Alaman. Cine Faro Room
13:45-15:00Lunch. Atlántico Restaurant
15:00-16:10Ad-hoc and Sensors Networks 2.      Chair: Jezabel Molina and Mike Burmester
15:00-15:10"WSN related requirement analysis towards sustainable building automation operations and maintenance". Johanna Kallio and Jani Koivusaari
15:10-15:30"Leader-based routing in mobile wireless sensor networks". Unai Burgos, Carlos Gómez-Calzado and Alberto Lafuente
15:30-15:50"Self-organizing Connectivity for Mobile Agents in Dynamical Environments". Roberto G. Aldunate, Feniosky Pena-Mora, Miguel Nussbaum, Alfredo Valenzuela and Cesar Navarro
15:50-16:00"Support Vector Machines for Inferring Distracted Behavior of Drivers Wearing Smart Glasses". Antonio Ordorica, Marcela D. Rodriguez, Luis A. Castro and Jessica Beltran
16:00-16:10"Benchmarking Bluetooth SPP Communications for Ubiquitous Computing". Xabier Gardeazabal, Borja Gamecho and Julio Abascal
20:45-23:30Gala Dinner. El Portico Restaurant