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Wednesday, November 30th

09:00-11:00AmIHEALTH 1.       Chair: Olga Valenzuela and Ignacio Rojas
09:00-09:20"Fuzzy intelligent system for monitoring patients to detect preeclampsia indicator for their biosignals". Macarena Espinilla, Sixto E. Campaña, Jorge M. Londoño and Angel L. Gacía-Fernández
09:20-09:40"Non-intrusive Bedside Event Recognition Using Infrared Array and Ultrasonic Sensor". Asbjorn Danielsen
09:40-10:00"Vision based gait analysis for frontal view gait sequences using RGB camera". Mario Nieto-Hidalgo, Francisco J. Fernández, Rafael Valdivieso-Sarabia, Jeronimo Mora-Pascual and Juan M. García-Chamizo
10:00-10:10"Application of Feature Subset, Selection Methods on Classifiers Comprehensibility for Bio-Medical datasets". Syed Imran Ali, Byeong Ho Kang and Sungyoung Lee
10:10-10:30"First Approach to Automatic Measurement of Frontal Plane Projection Angle During Single Leg Landing Based on Depth Video". Carlos Bailon, Miguel Damas, Hector Pomares and Oresti Baños
10:30-10:50"Detecting Human Movement Patterns through Data Provided By Accelerometers. A case study regarding Alzheimer's disease". Rafael Duque, Alicia Nieto-Reyes, Carlos Martínez and Jose L. Montaña
10:50-11:00"Personalised Support System for Hypertensive Patients based on Genetic Algorithms". Victor Vives-Boix, Daniel Ruiz-Fernández, Antonio Soriano-Paya, Diego Marcos-Jorquera, Virgilio Gilart-Iglesias and Alberto de Ramón-Fernández
11:00-11:30Coffee Break
11:30-12:00Opening- chaired by José Bravo. Cine Faro Room
12:00-13:30Keynote: "Enhancing City-scale Decision Support Processes with Situational Awareness and Computational Intelligenc".  Vicenzo Loia.
13:45-15:00Lunch. Atlántico Restaurant
15:00-17:00AmIHEALTH 2.       Chair: Macarena Espinilla
15:00-15:10"Business Process Management for the Crohns disease clinical process". Alberto de Ramón-Fernández, Diego Marcos-Jorquera, Antonio Soriano-Paya, Virgilio Gilart-Iglesias, Daniel Ruiz-Fernández and Javier Ramirez-Navarro
15:10-15:20"Artificial Intellegence Applied in the Multi-Label Problem of Chronic Pelvic Pain Diagnosing". Vinicius Oliverio and Omero Benedicto
15:20-15:40"Use of Emerging 3D Printing and Modeling Technologies in the Health Domain A Systematic Literature Review". Carolina Avila, Gustavo López and Gabriela Marín, Lisbeth salazar, Zaray Miranda, Jessica González and Brian Brenes
15:40-16:00"Specifying How to Motivate People in Computer Assisted Rehabilitation". Víctor López-Jaquero and Francisco Montero
16:00-16:20"Real time gait analysis using RGB camera". Mario Nieto-Hidalgo and Juan M. García-Chamizo
16:20-16:40"Towards an Awareness Interpretation for Physical and Cognitive Rehabilitation Systems". Miguel A. Teruel, Elena Navarro and Pascual González
16:40-17:00"Early Detection of Hypoglycemia Events based on Biometric Sensors Prototyped on FPGAs". Soledad Escolar, Manuel J.Abaldea, Julio D. Dondo, Fernando Rincón and Jaun Carlos López
17:00-17:30Coffee Break
17:30-19:00AmIHEALTH 3.       Chair: Ramón Hervás and Oresti Baños
17:30-17:50"Management of the hypertension: an architecture based on BPM integration". Javier Ramírez-Navarro, Virgilio Gilart-Iglesias, Antonio Soriano-Paya, Daniel Ruiz-Fernández, Diego Marcos-Jorquera and Victor Vives-Boix
17:50-18:10"Change Point Detection using Multivariate Expo-nentially Weighted Moving Average(MEWMA) for Opti-mal Parameter Learning in Online Activity Monitoring". Naveed Khan, Sally McClean, Shuai Zhang and Chris Nugent
18:10-18:30"Improving learning tasks for mentally handicapped people using AmI environments based on cyber-physical systems". Diego Martín, Borja Bordel, Ramón P. Alcarria, Alvaro Sánchez-Picot, Diego Sánchez de Rivera and Tomás Robles
18:30-18:50"Towards Personalised Training of Machine Learning Algorithms for Food Image Classification using a Smartphone Camera". Patrick McAllister, Huiri Zheng, Raymond Bond and Anne Moorhead
18:50-19:00"Component-based Model for On-device Pre-processing in Mobile Phone Sensing Campaigns". Iván R. Felix, Luis Castro, Luis F. Rodríguez, and Erica C. Ruiz

Thursday, December 1st

8:30-11:30AmIHEALTH 4.       Chair: Ramón Hervás and Oresti Baños
8:30-8:50"Interoperability in Electronic Health Records through the Mediation os Ubiquitous User Model". Lourdes Martínez-Villaseñor, Luis Miralles-Pechuan and Miguel González-Mendoza
8:50-9:10"mk-sense : An extensible platform to conduct multi-institutional mobile sensing campaigns". Netzahualcóyotl Hernández, Bert Arnrich, Jesús Favela, Remzi Gökhan, Cem Ersoy, Burcu Demiray and Jesús Fontecha
9:10-9:30"Distributed Big Data Techniques for Health Sensor Information Processing". Diego Gachet, María De la Luz Morales, Manuel de Buenaga, Rafael Muñoz and Enrique Puertas
9:30-9:40"Android Application to Monitor Physiological Sensor Signals Simultaneously". David Gónzalez-Ortega, Francisco J. Díaz-Pernas, Amine Khad-maoui, Mario Martínez-Zarzuela and Míriam Antón-Rodríguez
9:40-10:00"Monitoring chronic pain: comparing wearable and mobile interfaces". Iyubanit Rodríguez, Carolina Fuentes, Valeria Herskovic and Mauricio Campos
10:00-10:20"Development a mobile system based on the Harris-Benedict equation to indicate the caloric intake". Vladimir Villarreal and Manuel Montero
10:20-10:40"Process support for continuous, distributed, multi-party healthcare processes-applying workflow modelling to an anticoagulation monitoring protocol". Ian McChesney
10:40-10:50"The Use Of Gamification Techniques In A Clinical Setting For The Collection Of Longitudinal Kinematic Data". Andrew Ennis, Ian Cleland, Chris Nugent, Laura Finney, David Trainor and Aidan Bennett
10:50-11:10"Reducing Appointment Lead-Time in an Outpatient Department of Ginecology and Obstetrics through Discrete-event Simulation: A case Study". Miguel A. Ortiz, Sally McClean, Chris Nugent and Anyeliz Castillo
11:10-11:30"Employing UNICEF Open Source Software Tools in mHealth Projects in Nicaragua". Pritpal Singh
11:30-12:00Coffee Break
12:00:13:30Keynote: "Living in real and virtual worlds." Xavier Alaman. Cine Faro Room   
13:45-15:00Lunch. Atlántico Restaurant
15:00-15:40AmIHEALTH 5.       Chair: Ramón Hervás and Oresti Baños
15:00-15:10"Using computer simulation to improve patient flow at an outpatient internal medicine department". Miguel A. Ortiz and Pedro López
15:10-15:20"A proposal for long-term gait monitoring in Assisted Living Environments based on an inertial sensor infrastructure". Iván González, Jesús Fontecha, Ramón Hervás, Mercedes Naranjo and José Bravo
15:20-15:40"Analysis of EGG Frequency Bands during typical Mechanics of Platform-videogames". Tania Mondéjar, Ramón Hervás, José M. Latorre, Iván González and José Bravo
20:45-23:30Gala Dinner. El Portico Restaurant