CCNT Company UCTR070023

From January, 2007 to January 2008

In commercial environments there is a lot of information and services to be managed properly. In this case, users must interact with different environment objects in a explicit way. The main goal of this project is create an scenario for getting information and services in a natural and implicit way, through the mobile phone and NFC technology. We have identificate three scenarios:

Parking. In this situation, the system deploy several services such as: vehicle location, payment and voice instructions to park in free parking places.

Movie Theaters. Through Points of Information and dinamic movie listings, an user interacts with a specific object (with the NFC tag attached), for example a movie poster, and receive the trailer of the movie, information like synopsis and opinions, and even he can book tickets for a given session. Also, user can buy popcorns without queuing, only interacting with objects.

Shopping. Besides, the system provides several mechanisms to interact with products at the supermarket in the mall. With this, the user knows special offers and alerts related to his shopping list. And getting information about products and prices.