Dataset: MAmIOTie Conversational Emotion Perception [Download]

Date: October 17, 2018
Nº of Users:
The dataset is published in a one CSV per participant with 24 rows (one per dyad conversation, plus the header) and 10 columns for the different variables. The description of the 10 columns is as follows. The first column contains the iteration number that corresponds to the rest of the data. The second has the subject of the question, as per the emotion perception tryad (one’s emotional self-awareness, empathy and social-emotional skills), and the third shows if it was a direct or indirect question. The fourth column shows the expected emotion that is returned by the user’s answer, while the fifth shows the actual emotion detected. The sixth column contains the transcription by Watson’s Speech-To-Text of what the user said, the seventh column contains the translation to English of that transcription, and the eighth the question that was asked by the system. Finally, the ninth column is blank, to be filled with expert observations, and the tenth has the latency for each iteration. The dataset does not contain any identifying aspects of the users